7 Quick Methods To Recover When Outlook Password Forget

Outlook Password Forget

Forgetting the password of our devices and other apps are very common today. In the world that we live today, we have a number of things to hide from one another. This is the reason why we secure each and everything with a password and it is needed sometimes. The issue of Outlook Password Forget is very common and it is necessary to be fixed immediately. 

In this troubleshooting guide, we will let you know how you recover the password that you forgot. 

How To Fix Outlook Password Forget Problem Quickly?

To recover an outlook forgot password you need to follow the steps that have been provided below. 

  1. First, you need to head towards the Microsoft account page from your web browser. 
  2. In the top right corner, tap on “sign-in”. 
  3. Enter your outlook email id and tap on “next”. 
  4. Below the password field, you will find the option of “forgot the password”. 
  5. When the next screen will appear, choose “I Forgot My Password” and proceed further. 
  6. When you will do so, you will find the following options: 
  • I forgot my password 
  • I know my password, but can’t sign in
  • Someone else is using the account of Microsoft 
  • 7. It could be possible that you may need to enter some characters for the purpose of security. Do so, and then click on “Next”. 

Verify Your Email Id And Phone Number 

In case you have set up the account of your outlook with an alternative email, you need to select it from the list. This is how you can verify your email address. Choose the option of “send code”. Soon you will do that, the code will be sent to the registered email id. 

Now, you need to enter the new password for your email id and need to confirm it. Tap on “Next” to proceed further. Congratulations! As the password has been changed and the issue of Outlook Password Forget has been resolved completely. 

Tap on “next” and you will be directed towards the Microsoft sign-in page. 

How To Fix Outlook Forgot Password When You Don’t Have An Alternative Email? 

It may be possible that you don’t have an alternative email id. In this condition, you have to follow the steps to fix the issue of Outlook Password Forget.

In case you don’t have the email id given there, choose the option “I don’t have any of these”. When you will do the same the Microsoft will send the code to a different email address for verification purposes

Enter the email address that you want to receive the code on and click on the “Next” button. To do so you need to fill the form with some required information. After filling in all the required information, tap on “Next”. 

Once you will submit the information, Microsoft will review the given data within 24 hours of submission. 

In case, Microsoft will accept that the account belongs to you, you will get the steps to reset the password. If the information will be denied, you will get the opportunity for two times only. Hence, enter the correct information this time. 

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Let’s Conclude It…

Today, it is very necessary to use an email address for business purposes. Most of the time we forget the password of the email id. This is why we have provided you all the necessary information to recover Outlook Password Forget

Or else, call us now on the helpline number provided above. We have a team of experts that is round the clock available to help the users. This is why we would like to suggest you call them now.

7 Quick Methods To Recover When Outlook Password Forget

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