How To Fix Not Receiving Emails Gmail Problem?

Not Receiving Emails Gmail

The issue of Not Receiving Emails Gmail is very common and if you want to receive the mail then you need to fix the problem immediately. 

When you send an email from your Gmail account, it will be delivered in seconds. Mostly the mail will be delivered in the inbox until and unless it will not be found as spam. 

In this guide, we are going to discuss all the methods that are needed to fix the Gmail Not Working issue. There could be a number of different reasons that could be responsible for the problem. Hence, we just need to find them and fix them all. 

Why Not Receiving Emails Gmail?

If you have recently started facing the Gmail missing emails problem then do follow all the steps that we are going to mention below.

      1. Try To Use Gmail On Other Devices

If you are Not Receiving Emails Gmail from your smartphone then try to use it on the web on your computer or vice versa. Several times, doing this will fix the issue easily.  

      2.  Get The Gmail Access Directly

If you are trying to get the email from the Gmail account and it is configured with an email client then try to access it in your browser. After doing that, check if you are getting messages now or not. 

      3.  Check The Gmail Spam Folder

It may be possible that your Gmail is working fine but the message that you are searching for received in the spam folder. So, open the Spam folder from Gmail and send the emails again to the inbox. 

      4.  Verify That Gmail Is Not Down

Most of the time, the Not Receiving Emails Gmail issue occurs because of the Gmail Down problem. In this case, you can’t do anything, you just need to wait until the issue will not be resolved from the provider’s end. 

To verify whether the same, you can check other Google’s services like Youtube, Google Drive. If you found that these services are also not working then it means Gmail is down currently. 

      5.  Try To Send The Mail Again

Try to send the email again. Most of the time, the message may not be sent because Gmail Not Loading properly. You can send the message to yourself. 

      6.  Try To Use VPN

You can try using VPN to fix why you Not Receiving Emails Gmail. If you start receiving mails after connecting to VPN it means that your Gmail is being blocked by the government or your ISP. 

       7.  Open Gmail In Any Other Web Browser

Most of the time, the Gmail Not Loading or Gmail Not Working issue occurs because of corrupt files in the default web browser. So, open Gmail in any other web browser and check if you are still not receiving emails. 

       8.  Change The Network Connection

Change your current network connection and then check you are started receiving the messages. 

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How To Fix When Gmail Not Working And Not Getting Any Emails?

If you have tried all the basic methods to Fix the Gmail Not Working issue but still not receiving mails, try the below-given methods. 

       1. Disable The Antivirus

Even after trying all the methods, if you have found that still, you are Not Receiving Emails Gmail then you would need to disable the antivirus. 

If you are using Windows 10, it would be better if you use Windows Defender as it will not block any services. 

If you want to use Antivirus instead of Windows Defender then add the domain of Gmail to the whitelist of antivirus. 

       2. Check The Storage Limit Of Gmail

It may be possible that you have a too large file attached with your Gmail. This is the reason why Gmail is not receiving any mails. 

Hence, you will have to delete old emails and other files that are not in use anymore. After doing that, send the mail again. 

        3. Remove The Filters

It may be possible that you have set up the Gmail filters incorrectly and this is why you are Not Receiving Emails Gmail. Hence, remove the filters from the messages with the help of the steps given below: 

      • Open Gmail. 
      • At the top of the Mail, click on Cogwheel Button. 
      • Click on “See All Settings”. 
      • Now, tap on “Filters And Blocked Addresses”. 
      • Remove the filters and then check for the new messages. 

        4.  Disable The Email Forwarding

If you will enable the Email Forwarding feature then it will stop you to receive the messages sometimes. Hence, here are the steps to fix this problem: 

      • In your browser, open Gmail. 
      • At the top right corner, click on the given Cogwheel Button. 
      • Choose the option of “See All Settings”. 
      • Now, go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. 
      • Turn off the forwarding messages. 

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Still Not Receiving Messages?

Even after trying all the techniques given in this guide, if you are still Not Receiving Emails Gmail then calls on the given helpline number. Within a few minutes, our experts will make your Gmail start working again. So, don’t panic much and let them look into the matter. 

How To Fix Not Receiving Emails Gmail Problem?

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