How To Troubleshoot Gmail Down Issue Quickly? Here Are 5 Easy Methods 

Gmail Down

We know that you are very much worried about the issue of Gmail Down. But, we would like to tell you that you don’t have to be more worried because we are here for you. With the help of this troubleshooting guide, you will get the solution immediately. 

If you don’t want to face this trouble then do call our experts on the given helpline number. They will answer your call and let you know the troubleshooting methods. 

Why Is My Gmail Down And Keep Crashing?

There could be a number of reasons why your Gmail keeps Stopping again and again. Sometimes, the main issue is cache files and other bugs, or else, the dark themes could be the main cause. 

If you want to troubleshoot this issue, here are 5 quick methods via which you troubleshoot the issue easily. 

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How To Fix Mail Problems Quickly?

In order to fix the issue of Gmail Not Working, here are some methods that you can apply. 

  • 1. Clear Data And Cache 

The very first thing that you can try to troubleshoot the issue is by clearing the cache and the data from your account. To clear the cache from your account, you can follow the below-given steps: 

  • Go to settings and then open “apps” followed by “all apps”
  • Open Gmail and select “storage”. 
  • From here, clear your cache and clear all the data. 
  • Now, reboot your whole system. 
  • Check if the issue of Gmail not loading is resolved or not. 
  • 2. Disable/Re-enable The App Again

If your app is still crashing then reinstall the app or if your app is installed in the system then disable and enable it again. Most of the time, this issue gets easily resolved once you follow this method. 

Here is how to disable and re-enable Gmail: 

  • Go to “settings”> “apps”> “all apps”> “Gmail”. 
  • Click on Uninstall. 
  • Open the play store on your smartphone and search there for Gmail. 
  • Click on “install” and then reboot your system. 
  • 3. Sign out/ Sign In Again Into Your Account 

Most of the time this issue could be easily fixed by a simple sign-in and sign-out method. Here are some of the following steps that will help you to fix the trouble. 

  • Open the settings. 
  • Choose “accounts and sync”. 
  • From there, choose “Google”. 
  • Click on the menu at the bottom and then don’t forget to remove your account. 
  • Don’t forget to reboot your device. 
  • Add your account again and check the improvements via Gmail notifications. 
  • We hope that this method will surely troubleshoot the Gmail Down Issue.
  • 4. Don’t Forget To Disable The Dark Mode 

The Gmail dark mode is one of the main reasons why your Gmail Not Working. After the Android 10 version, now anyone can benefit from the dark mode feature of Gmail. After launching the dark mode feature, there were many users who had faced the Gmail Down issue. 

Hence, Google had to remove this dark feature and launched it again after fixing it properly. It can’t be said clearly whether this feature will support the android devices or not. But, you can try to fix the issue with the help of the steps given below. 

  • Open your Gmail account. 
  • Click on the hamburger menu and open the “settings”. 
  • Choose the option of “general” settings. 
  • Click on “theme” and change it from dark to light. 
  • Don’t forget to reboot your device. 
  • Open Gmail again and check if you are still not getting Gmail notifications. 
  • 5. Update The App 

It is very necessary to update all the apps after a regular interval of time and the same goes for your mail too. If you haven’t updated your Gmail for a long period of time then update it again from the play store. 

To update the app, connect your phone with the wifi and then open the play store. Search there for the Gmail app and click on “update”. Wait until the app will not be updated. Open the app and check if your Gmail is down or the issue got fixed. 

  • 6. Make Some Space In Your Phone

Make sure that your smartphone has enough space that can handle the storage for any app data. Most of the time, this issue occurs when there is no space left in the smartphone. Hence, delete all the files and the apps that have no use. 

Also, don’t forget to delete the photos and the videos that are already saved on Google drive. There is no need to save them in the phone memory. So delete them now and then check if your mail has started working again or not. 

  • 7. Check Your Internet Is Working Properly Or Not

If you have made all the changes that we have suggested to you and still your issue is still there then check your internet. It may be possible that you have connected your smartphone with a bad internet connection and this is why it is down every other time. 

You may have to take some help from your internet service provider too. But, before calling them, we would like you to restart your router once. Most of the time, the issue got resolved just by a simple restarting process. 

If still your Gmail Not Responding then call our technicians on the given Helpline numbers. 

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We want to conclude this article on the note that the Gmail Down issue could be fixed if you have followed the guide completely. Even after following all the steps if your Gmail is still not working then call us now. 

We have a team of technicians who is round the clock ready to fix the trouble. They are experienced enough to deal with any kind of trouble. So, you don’t have to worry about anything because our team is always ready for you.

How To Troubleshoot Gmail Down Issue Quickly? Here Are 5 Easy Methods 

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