How To Recover When I Forgot Email Password?

forgot email password

Forgot Email Password and looking for the best guide to recover it?

Actually, it’s not really easy to remember all the passwords. Also, no one logs out from a Gmail account daily, and hence, it is very tough to remember the password. 

In this article, we are going to explain how-to-fix when you Forgot Email Password.  Hence, you can follow the same steps whenever you forget your email password. 

“Forgot Email Password” In Gmail? Here Are The Steps To Fix It

To reset the password of the email, here are the steps that you can try. 

  1. Verify (1) you have a second email id for your account, or (2) you haven’t logged in to your account for more than 4 days. 
  2. Open the email provider and enter the address into the designated space.
  3. Click on “Next”. 
  4. On the screen, choose the option of “Forgot Password”. 
  5. Now, you will be asked a few questions to ensure whether that account really belongs to you or you are someone else. 

For each question that will display on your screen, answer it correctly and click “Next”. In case you don’t know the answer, click on “Try Another Way” for Gmail Password Reset.

If you will give all the answers correctly, Google will allow you to log into your account. For security reasons, if you want to change the password, click on the link “Change Password”. 

This is what you should do when you Forgot Email Password.

What Are The Questions That Google Will Ask You During Gmail Account Recovery?

To fix the issue of Gmail Password Forgot, Gmail will ask you some questions about Gmail Password ResetWe are going to mention all the question below: 

     1. Recent Password 

If you remember the last password that you had changed, enter it. This will help you to reset the password of your Gmail easily. 

      2. Code Verification

It depends on the type of two-step verification method that you has chosen, you will get the code accordingly: 

  • From Google, you will receive an SMS text message
  • You may receive an email from Google for the code 
  • A phone call may be received from Google for the code
  • Printed backup codes

      3. Alternate EMail-ID To Reset Email Password 

At the time of Gmail sign-up, you will be asked to enter an alternate email id. Hence, if you will enter the second id, Google will send the link to another id. 

      4. Security Question For Gmail Password Recovery 

If prompted, enter the answer to the question on the designated space. 

“Forgot Email Password” In Outlook? How To Reset Outlook Password

If you have entered the wrong password in your Outlook account and want to know How To Recover Outlook Password, follow the below-given steps: 

      1. Tap In Forgot Email Password 

When you enter the password, you will also see the option of “Forgot Password” there. 

      2. Verify That The Account Is Belongs To You 

Before resetting the Outlook password, Microsoft first verifies if the account really belongs to you or not. 

What kind of verification you will be asked to do depends on the security that you had added to your account. 

  • You may ask to choose the option to send the verification code. WIth select the alternative email or phone number. 
  • Click on Next and follow all the instructions given on the screen. 

In the case, there is no option showing on your screen, you will not be able to Reset Outlook Password. Hence, you will have to take the help of our technicians. 

So, dial the given Helpline number and ask our technicians what to do when Forgot Email Password of Outlook. 

     3. Get The Verification Code 

Now, it will depend on you the type of verification you choose to reset Outlook Password. You will either be asked to enter the alternative email id or your phone number. 

Whatever option you will choose, Outlook will send you a verification code on the mobile phone or email id. 

       4. Enter The Code And Reset Password 

To Reset the Password, Enter the code that you have received into the designated space. 

Then enter the new password and click on “Next”. 

Congratulations, you have completed the process to Reset Outlook Password.

Need Any Help? Call Us Now! 

Steps To Roadrunner Email Password Reset 

If you have Forgot Email Password of Roadrunner and want to reset it, follow the steps given below. 

  1. Connect your computer to the internet and then go to the official web page of Roadrunner. 
  2. You will be taken to the sign-in page of the Roadrunner. 
  3. Once the sign-in page will be opened, click on “Forgot Email Password”. 
  4. You will be directed to another page, enter the Roadrunner email id. 
  5. Enter the email id into the designated space and select “I’m Not A Robot”. 
  6. Click on the Submit option. 
  7. On the next screen, you will be asked some security questions. You have to answer the questions and soon you will log into the account successfully. 
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If you have Forgot Email Password of your Outlook, Gmail, and Roadrunner. We have given all the steps to troubleshoot the issue. 

Forgetting passwords is very common and hence, it is very necessary that you should know how to fix them. 

In this guide, we have discussed all ways you can reset the password of your email account. In case you still need any kind of help then you can call us on given helpline numbers. 

We have a team of experts who will reset the password in a short period of time. Call them anytime and all of your issues will be fixed soon.

How To Recover When I Forgot Email Password?

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