5 Methods To Fix When Emails Not Sending From Outlook

Emails Not Sending From Outlook

If your Emails Not Sending From Outlook, sometimes the issue gets easily fixed by changing the setting. However, in some cases, the issue does not get fixed with common troubleshooting. In this guide, we will tell you all the required troubleshooting methods that will make your outlook start working again. 

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How To Fix When Emails Not Sending From Outlook?

It happens most of the time that you try to send an email from outlook and it stops responding to you back. In this situation, here are some of the methods that will help you to fix the issue. 

  • 1. Resend The Message

When you have found that your Emails Not Sending From Outlook, try to resend the email. Most of the time, the issue gets easily fixed when you try to resend it. To do so, follow the request given below: 

  • Click right on the email that got stuck inside the folder and move it to the draft folder
  • Open the draft folder and send the email again
  • Now, open the sent folder to check whether the issue got fixed or not. 

In case the issue is still not fixed then you can try the next given method. 

  • 2. Check The Recipient’s Mail Again 

Most of the time, the typo error in the recipient’s address is the main cause why Email Not Sending From Outlook. Hence, you need to make sure whether the entered email address is correct or not. 

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  • 3. Check The Connection Properly 

We all are much familiar with the fact that without the internet you can’t send emails from your outlook. Hence, you need to make sure whether your connection is working properly or not. 

  • Check the lower-right corner of the outlook window to ensure whether you are connected with the internet or not
  • If you have found that it is saying “working offline”, “disconnected”, or “trying to connect”, you need to fix the internet issue
  • Try to fix the router by restarting it. Most of the time, you don’t need to follow advanced troubleshooting steps, simply give a quick restart and all of your issues will be fixed
  • Make sure that you have placed the device within the network connectivity range
  • Send the email again to check whether the issue of Emails Not Showing Up in Outlook got fixed or not
  • Open the sent folder and check if the mail is still there or has been completely sent. 
  • 4. Look At The Attachments 

The email can only send up to the limited size of files to another account. Hence, reduce the size of attachments and then try to send the file again. Doing this will sometimes easily fix the issue of why Outlook Not Sending Emails

  • 5. Update The Password Again

It may also be possible that you have changed the password of your outlook mail online and you forget to change it from Outlook. This is why you are not able to send and receive the messages. 

  • Follow to choose “File”>” account settings”
  • Select the tab of the email 
  • Select your email account and click on “change”
  • In the password box, enter the updated password 
  • Select “next” > “close” > and then finish the procedure 
  • After doing that so, send the email again and check if your Email still not sending from outlook or issue gets fixed

When you will complete the process to update the password, check if the issue got fixed or not.

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In this article, we have told you some best troubleshooting methods that are enough to fix why Emails Not Sending From Outlook. In the end, we just want to say that while using the Outlook email, make sure that you have entered the right email id, your internet should be working accurately. 

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5 Methods To Fix When Emails Not Sending From Outlook

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